Water pumping station services

All you need for a flawless operation of your water pumping stations!

Our company is specialized in executing water pumping station projects. We will help you with the execution of the pumping station's electrical installations and provide you with the functional commissioning of the facility.

We will also provide you with electrical engineering measurements and prepare the complete documentation necessary for the technical and functional acceptance of the water pumping station.

Automation of water pumping stations

Would you like to control your water pumping station remotely?

Our company will prepare the telemetering (remote control via the control centre) which enables you such control. The company will also prepare the equipment for your system which shall be installed into your pumping station.

During the execution of works our experienced workers use the state-of-the-art technology, tools and equipment which allow the works to be executed as quality as possible.

Electrical installation of water pumping stations

We will work with you from the very start of hardware installation as we shall be present as a co-contractor and shall prepare the complete electrical installation, control boxes and meters. In such way we shall provide you with the complete functionality of the facility.

Why are we the right choice?


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